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Hetalia CMVs made in Spain
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The last months i couldn't post as much as i wanted. In july, my computer broke, and till october, i didn't buy a new one. Also, in september my theatre group prepared the Harry Potter musical, so i was very busy with it. In october i had to manage with the college, and make the cosplay for the ECG. I didn't have free time until now.
Sorry for all of this. I promise to post more in the next weeks.

For now, this was my performance for the ECG. This time we didn't win, but it was a really good experience for us.



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I'm a spanish cosplayer. My name is Jimena and i'm in a cosplay group called "Like a Boss Cosplay". We make CMV about the anime Hetalia.

Here you can see our youtube channel:…

I started to do cosplay in 2010 but i don't count the first year xD

Cosplays that I made:

- Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail)
- Luffy (One Piece)
- Ema Skye (Apollo Justice)
- Information Core (Portal 2)
- Ururu (Bleach)
- Elie (Rave Master)
- Lady Ciel (Kuroshitsuji)
- Liz Thompson (Soul Eater)
- Ciel Phantomhive (Kuroshitsuji)
- Ciel in Wonderland (Kuroshitsuji)
- Kyoko Sakura (Madoka Magica)
- Uryuu Minene (Mirai Nikki)
- Marta Lualdi (Tales of Symphonia)
- Margaery Tyrell (A Song of Ice and Fire)
- Soushi Miketsukami (Inuxboku ss)
- Spain Conqueror (Hetalia)
- America (Hetalia)
- Spain (Hetalia)
- NyoAmerica (Hetalia)
- NyoAustria (Hetalia)
- Gakuen Hetalia Girls Uniform
- Mary (Ib)
- Ellen (The Witch's House)
- Gakuen Hetalia Boys Uniform
- Romano (Hetalia)
- Patchouli Knowledge (Koumajou Densetsu)
- Dave Strider (Militarystuck)
- Chibi Romano (Hetalia)
- Italy (Hetalia Cardverse)
- Jake English Trickster (Homestuck)
- Hikari Utada (Mawaru Penguindrum)
- Vriska Serket (Lolitastuck)
- Chibi Spain (Hetalia)
- Vriska Serket (Homestuck)
- Vriska Serket (Militarystuck)
- Spain Pirate/King (Hetalia)
- Fem!Spain (Hetalia)
- Aranea Serket (Homestuck)
- Fem!Romano Tarantella (Hetalia)
- Feferi Peixes (Dynastystuck)
- Pinkie Pie (My Little Pony)
- Esmeralda (The hunchback of Notre Dame)
- Aranea Serket (Militarystuck)
- Sailor Mars (Sailor Moon)
- Poison Ivy (Batman NoFlutter Pirate design)
- Wonder Woman (Bombshell)
- Maki Cheerleader (Love Live!)
- Talim (Soul Calibur IV)

And more random cosplays

I hope you like my work.

My Tumblr
My Twitter
My Facebook…

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Sheria-Pie Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Jimenaaaaaaaa <3
Perdon es que estoy un fan de Likeaboss Cosplay (héhé) y cuando ví esta foto de Pinkie... Era como eso: "Pero... Es Jimena?!" x) 
Tu cosplay es genial, Pinkie for ever!!! ;) 
(es una impresion o los fans de hetalia estan tambien fans de MLP? (Vendetta Cosplay tambien... :') )
Jime-sama Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Jajajajjaa muchisimas gracias!!! Es que MLP es maravilloso xDD
Sheria-Pie Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Siiiii MLP es la vida *^* (mmmh... un poco extrema no? x) ) 
Sophiechan6 Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Just wanted to tell you that I really love your cosplay videos with your friends and you're all amazing!Nod :D (Big Grin) Keep up the great work!Heart 
Jime-sama Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Thank you soooo much!!! I'm super glad you like our videos!! This means a lot to us!!! <3 <3
Sophiechan6 Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're welcome!!You are my favourite cosplay group!Love 
Hatsune Miku-13 (Wink and Heart) Happy Clap 
Queen-Kitty Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2015   Photographer
Thank you very much for the watch! I hope you enjoy seeing my new work!
BeItUkI Featured By Owner May 11, 2015
Wee!!! te watcheo guapa!!! :D que sepas que me caistes genial jajaja
Jime-sama Featured By Owner May 11, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
joo muchisimas gracias cielo!!!!!
BeItUkI Featured By Owner May 12, 2015
nada mujer es que es verdad!!! y los cosplays fantasticos!!! 
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